Solo Repertoire

Carson’s solo recital programs vary according to the preferences of the presenter, and the kind of concert he is performing.  To get a sense of the kind of programs he is playing right now, click on the ‘Concerts’ tab.  While he does present programs that draw from core piano repertoire, he has particular interests in the music of Richard Strauss, lesser known works from the Austro-German tradition of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and in piano transcriptions of operatic and orchestral music.  He also frequently performs his own transcriptions.  A program that reflect these interests is as follows:

Richard Strauss in Black and White

This program explores the music of Richard Strauss from the vantage point of the piano, and through the eyes of four transcribers: Percy Grainger, Walter Gieseking, Kaikhosru Sorabji, and Carson.  It also features Strauss’s largest original composition for solo piano, the 14 Improvisations and Fugue, which was thought lost until 2008, when it was first published.

Richard Strauss/Carson Becke

Lieder Transcriptions:

‘Zueignung’, op. 10 no. 1

‘Der Stern’, op. 69 no. 1

‘Wiegenlied’, op. 41 no. 1

Richard Strauss

14 Improvisations and Fugue on an Original Theme, TrV 135

Richard Strauss/Percy Grainger

Ramble on the Final Love Duet from Der Rosenkavalier

— Intermission —

Richard Strauss/Walter Gieseking

Five Lieder Transcriptions:

‘Ständchen’, op. 17 no. 2

‘Heimkehr’, op. 15 no. 5

‘Freundliche Vision’, op. 48 no. 1

‘Winterweihe’, op. 48 no. 4

‘Schlechtes Wetter’, op. 69 no. 5 

Richard Strauss/Carson Becke

‘Dance of the Seven Veils’ from Salome

Richard Strauss/Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

Final Scene from Salome